The Best WordPress Plugins for Beginners



Most of the beginners do not know which WordPress plugins that suit them best. Mostly these plugins are used to boost the performance of your blog. Beginners can use the following WordPress Plugins and they will enjoy and have fun.


The first WordPress Plugin that can be used by a beginner is personal Favicon. This is regarded as the trademark of the weblog and it is the best favicon administrator. All you have to do is add URL to your favicon in the URL box plugin. After doing this you should relax because everything will be taken by personal favicon Wordpress Plugin. The WordPress Plugin that can be used by a beginner is WP-PageNavi. If you are a serious blog writer this is the most important and best website design Manchester for your weblog. If you use it will contribute a wonderful web page routing under your web page.  Most importantly you can change the overall look and feeling of the Page Navigation as per your needs. The third WordPress Plugin that can be used by a beginner is the iWphone. This is a very sensitive web style and it is the newest trend in the web style in the globe. Nowadays the developers are creating that can fit in all the gadgets available to the web browser and not just to computers or personal computers. You can easily use this important plugin through which you will be iPhone suitable.


The fourth WordPress Plugin that can be used by beginners for their blog site is subscribing to comments. For a beginner who wants to interact with people by creating them examine out your site regularly, Subscribing To Comments is the right thing to do. If an audience selects the exam box they will automatically get an email with any new comments on the same content. Another WordPress Plugin that can be used by a beginner is Jetpack by This was the most preferred WordPress Plugin in 2012. This is a WordPress Plugin to die for as a result of its multitasking characteristic. Know more about web design in


WordPress Data source Backup is another WordPress Plugin that can be used by a beginner. Most of the times we try to modify our WordPress Plugin directory or themes and you put incorrect requirement and suddenly everything clashes. Your effort will be a big waste. If you use this backup method your data will be backed up at least once in a week. The last WordPress plugin that can be used WP Super Cache. Please check out if you have questions.